Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cruudeuces "Bird Calling in the Ghetto / 2 Live Crew Deuces" WM4

North Adams resident Nathaniel Brennan's been making the rounds lately, playing with Tom Carter, Crank Sturgeon, etc., etc. not to mention cranking out great tapes on his own and other labels. Glad to have him on board with the Merchants, as this one's a real treat. "2 Live Crew Deuces" comes in an over-sized box that includes "Bird Calling in the Ghetto" and a bonus 3". Super limited on both of these guys, so specify which one you want with your order.

E-mail me at to order

$5 - Bird Calling in the Ghetto

$7 - 2 Live Crew Deuces

Review over here.